Born out of a mutual love of music and songwriting, Foxxglove formed in the spring of 2009. Bevin Hamilton and Lisa Donnelly, both from Kansas and both solos artists in their own right, reconnected and started writing songs together.
Bevin and Lisa met when they were fourteen years old in the trenches of theatre camp. They formed a special bond and a lasting friendship and they kept in touch throughout their high school years. Through a twist of fate, both girls ended up transferring to Kansas University their sophmore years, and both formed bands and began exploring songwriting. As fate would have it, they reconnected once again, this time in the city of angels, and they shared their stories of life, adventures, and heartbreak through their music. An organic collaboration was born, and Bevin and Lisa started writing songs together, workshopped songs at south by southwest, and collaborated with other songwriters.



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